Marquis Hawkins has a lengthy record of closing the opportunity gap for students. Raised in the Dallas area, Marquis knew early on that opportunities are afforded to those with the best education. It was this key lesson that he learned from his single mother who taught him values of hard work, respect, and above all to use his talents and education to serve others.

With his eyes fixed on gaining the best education possible, Marquis enrolled at Morehouse College believing that this training ground for leaders would provide him with the both knowledge and confidence to lead. At Morehouse, Marquis saw up-close the struggles of hardworking parents, like his mother, who wanted access to better schools, but couldn’t afford them. It was this experience that caused Marquis to dedicate his life to closing the opportunity gap for kids, particularly in communities like District 5.

After undergrad, he earned a scholarship to attend Cornell University where he studied education policy. After graduating from Cornell with his Masters, Marquis became an 8th grade Social Studies teacher where for two years, he pushed his students to excel. He brought the values taught to him to his classroom and saw his students collectively achieve higher academic gains than all other district students on standardized assessments.

Believing that his students weren’t the only ones who needed him, Marquis moved back home to Dallas in the Lancaster Corridor where he has served actively as a mentor in Big Brothers Big Sisters, Reading Partner at Elisha M. Pease Elementary and Roger Q. Mills Elementary, and a volunteer at many Dallas ISD schools. He serves on the boards of CitySquare, the Oak Cliff YMCA, Young People For, and Network For Teaching Effectiveness.

In his spare time, Marquis enjoys running, watching the Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks, and traveling with family and friends. He is a member of Friendship West Baptist Church. Currently, he works as a consultant.

Marquis has a proven dedication to District 5 through community leadership and a thorough understanding of district context. With a unique combination of energy, passion and open-mindedness, Marquis will bring a fresh perspective to Dallas ISD Board of Trustees and help better shape the educational outcomes and opportunities for all students across Dallas.

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